What is microcement

Microcement is a continuous pavement, which does not need expansion joints, so it is ideal for covering large surfaces such as walls and floors, as well as creating an integrated environment using it also in stairs, bathrooms and even on furniture. At Homecret, we care about providing an excellent service with the best materials, so our microcement exceeds all expectations regarding quality and durability.

What is micro concrete

Microconcrete is the microcement prepared to withstand greater abrasion, such as public places of passage (for example: shopping centers, health centers, hotels and convention centers) or exterior facades and floors that must withstand inclement weather. It is the most resistant microcement.

Interior design with microcement

Microcement is one of the most used materials in recent years by architects and interior designers. Due to its versatility, microcement is the ideal material to use together with wood, in a Scandinavian style, or with metals, such as the industrial style. If you need help and advice in your next reform, contact us. We have a great professional team, with years of experience and know-how in the art of applying microcement.

The microcement can also be applied on other surfaces, such as ceramic, tiles, metal …, so it does not generate debris, with the saving of time and money that this entails. You will be able to carry out the reform you have always wanted and renovate your home or that of your client in record time.